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Apr 2, 2013 12:30pm PDT
to start with you kenny dwight and ask about something eduardo vega that said that force is not treatment. that basically the key is to approach people with mental illness with love, kindness and compassion. i know from our editorial page that when we have written about laura's law that some of the post poignant arguments from family members that they have done everything they can do but don't know how to help a loved one. what would you have done? could force treatment made a difference? >> yes. absolutely. laura's law is not forced treatment. i don't know why mr. vega keeps using that word because laura's law is an upfront tool before somebody needs crisis. if they are proven to be a danger to themselves or someone else, a judge tries to get a treatment team and they try to talk with this person and figure out a way for them to stay out of the hospital. we have forced treatment, we have 51/50. my son has been through 51/50 numerous times. he's been slammed with this. this is a horrible experience. laura's law is a tool, only a tool that may help. for whoever can help, and thank god t
Apr 2, 2013 12:00pm PDT
. and san francisco chief of police. gary is a psychiatrist and laura's law advocate and eduardo vega of the mental health association of san francisco. let me start by opposing a question to karen chen from the public defenders office. karen, can you -- how about if you start by giving us an overview of how the city handles this conflict between treatment and civil liberties. >> an involuntary hold starts in san francisco when a peace officer or a clinician makes the determination that the person is due to a mental disorder, is a danger to others or danger to self or gravely disabled. gravely disabled means that person does not have the ability to provide for basic needs such as food, clothing and shelter. and the legal representation starts in most cases the first 3 days of the involuntary hold during the initial psychiatric evaluation and then the legal representation also continues with if the person is asked to be stayed or referred for further treatment up to 14 days. during this phase, the attorneys will represent the clients about whether or not they will have to stay on this
Apr 16, 2013 2:30am PDT
's get another perspective on this from eduardo very big vega. you have been forthright to discussions about treatment and in your chronicle about laura's law that you think the need to help the vast majority of people who do want treatments. but aren't there cases as we are hearing today that force treatment is necessary? >> well, so i have been working in mental health field for about 22 years various places across the country. i have worked in crisis programs here and in new york city and pretty much ever phase of program there is. i have been a suicide prevention interventionist, i guess after this, the one thing i want to say that force is not treatment. one thing that we have learned in the community mental health system which was set up in the 60s partly to answer the need for social justice around mental health is that people respond to dignity and fair treatment. and the -- as an example of the -- i think that the psych so physiology is that it's still very coneject ral. that doesn't really matter. the one thing that i have realized in working with people in all sorts of stat
Apr 16, 2013 3:00am PDT
or not is not in the criteria. >> we have an audience. >> thank you. [ applause ] >> we have an audience question for eduardo vega. for the severely mentally ill, involuntary measures and current use are chaotic and traumatic. we talked about the current system, on the other hand laura's law provides community service with know forced meds. why would you be against it? >> why has laura's law be implemented in one small rural county. i think part of the answer is we do have good community services and support in san francisco and we have the best in the country and funded through the mental health services act. do they solve all the problems? absolutely not. do we need more? absolutely. to bring an additional court process that threatens people with enforcement measures and takes away right to self determination is at the core of this. the people that run the program in nevada county. the program that provisions the services, that program is available to people voluntarily. that only 4 people have been treated through the voluntary clause. that service is available to all people. 4 people were involuntary m
Apr 3, 2013 5:00am PDT
con otro nombre, en su trabajo nadie lo conoce como eduardo, sino richard >> las autoridades dicen que tiene 7 alias, y la policía metropolitana de las vegas confia que alguien que sepa donde está le explique porque es importante que regrese a la niña >> entre más tiempo pase, más grave es el caso. ♪ >> por lo pronto tanto la madre como las autoridades apelan que eduardo olmos recapacite y que su situación empeora a medida que pasa el tiempo, pero si se presenta con tania puede pelear por compartir su custodia >> tanto la madre de la menor y las autoridades creen que puede estar en arizona, california o utah, para más información comuníquese a la policía, para que lo denuncie, porque quien no lo haga estaria incurrienod ♪ >> bueno llego el momento de saber las novedades en el mundo de la farándula >> estas son las noticias en la mira >> salvador serbonis fue acusado de robo,s egun una publicacion, fue bajado de un avión en monterrey después que fuera acusado de robarse lentes de marca, en su cuenta de twitter puso este mensaje a la revista, dijo que es una cosa de morb
Apr 2, 2013 5:00pm PDT
eduardo. y revelaron que tiene 7 alias por lo que la policÍa de las vegas confÍa que alguien que sepa donde estÁ o pueda comunicarse que le explique por quÉ es importante que regrese a la niÑa. >>> entre mÁs tiempo pase mas grave es el caso. >>> por lo pronto la madre de la niÑa y autoridades apelan a que recapacite y que sepa que su condiciÓn empeora, pero si se presenta podrÍa compartir su custodia. >>> y tanto la madre creen que debe estar en las vegas, o un estado vecino. y piden al que tiene cualquier informaciÓn que les ayude. >>> ojalÁ que se resuelva de manera positiva. y maÑana ya el estadio azteca serÁ testigo del clasico joven del fÚtbol mexicano. >>> y nuestra querida antonieta estÁ para hablar de esta y otras noticias. >>> asÍ. maÑana nos toca el clÁsico joven, tenemos al amÉrica y cruz azul. el cruz azul uno de los peores torneos, amÉrica sigue volando, y amÉrica no contarÁ con chucho ni sambueza. aquÍ les tengo mÁs. >>> despuÉs de ganar el clÁsico contra chivas amÉrica se prepara para el clÁsico contra cruz azul. los de coapa quieren darle una
Search Results 0 to 25 of about 26 (some duplicates have been removed)